Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Humble Predictions or Some Pre-Tourney Strategery...

Vijay Singh has gone on the record saying that he thinks the winning score this week will be ten or twelve OVER par. And almost everyone else who's opinion counts says it will be higher than last year's 5-over winning score at Winged Foot. The more I think about this, the more I realize what motivates these answers. First, it protects them against looking bad when they come in Thursday afternoon carding a 75. Vijay could say, "Yep, I've positioned myself perfectly" even if someone has posted a low number. But it might also work to intimidate fellow competitors into higher scores who might be edging toward red numbers early in the tourney, effectively causing a golfer with less tenacity to think, "I can't keep this going -- the wheels are gonna fall off any second..."

Course my take on this could just be a reflection of my pathetic mental game and complete lack of self-confidence on the golf course.

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Rob said...

All I know is that it takes a big man to shoot under par on either side of Oakmont, especially the back nine. Think back to the two greatest rounds ever played on the course, both of them are golfing giants...Johnny Miller's 63 to win the Open and Rob's 1 under on the back nine back to beat Bob's 84.