Monday, December 17, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: Sabbatini Wins Maui Surfing Contest

Lahaina, Maui -- Less than 24 hours after dropping out of the Target World Challenge with "shin splints," Rory Sabbatini has captured the Cheeseburger in Paradise Invitational on the island of Maui. In winning the event, Sabbatini took home a $4,500 gift certificate to Crazy Shirts. Add that to the $170,000 he took for finishing in last place at Tiger's off-season invitational and it's been a good week for the South African. As for his legs, "It's a miracle, actually," Rory told reporters. "Who knew the one thing they needed to heal was a six-hour plane flight followed by 9 straight hours on a surfboard." When asked whether he'd given any thought to donating the $170,000 back to the Tiger Woods Foundation, he said he hadn't, but that he and his wife have talked about donating part of his Crazy Shirts prize. "After all," he said, "How many t-shirts can one family need, right?"

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zihuajoe2000 said...

Thank you, I'm now officially the biggest geek in the office amongst my co-workers here in Orange County, California....Not the, "Wow, there are a lot of golfers there," Orange County, but the Tattooed "We are one HGH cycle away from being a cage-fighter", Orange County. Nonetheless, I'll take it, for my uncontrollable laughter upon seeing the Sabbatini surfing story was well worth the explanation to those stone-faced imperfect pugilists....really, thanks.