Friday, May 16, 2008

AT&T Classic: Franklin Langham Update...

He quit. Despite what I wrote last night, Langham did not return this morning to finish his first round at the AT&T Classic. As of this 6:00AM PST, had it listed as a WD but still had the 90 up there next to his name. Now the leaderboard just says "Withdrawn" and the score is gone. But if you click on the "SC" for scorecard you can still access his first round pain.

To be fair, a source has told me that the reason for the WD is officially listed as "injury." That may be true, but it might be a self-inflicted one he gave himself last night in his hotel.

Until I hear that he really was playing injured, I'll remain disappointed in the guy. When you're given a chance to play, you do it and don't give up no matter what. Am I wrong on this one?


Bobbio said...

You're right on the money. It burns me when players, (Daly), do that. It takes a spot from someone trying to retain their card or gain one. They should be fined if they WD without injury. Bruised egos aren't serious injuries. Of course timely injuries are a dime a dozen.

courtgolf said...

can't argue with any of that - except to say that Franklin Langham does not have the reputation of a quitter. He is not now, nor has he ever been in the quitter class of a John Daly. Calling someone a quitter without reason or evidence isn't exactly a decent way to talk about someone.