Sunday, May 18, 2008

AT&T CLASSIC: Kenny Gets ScRyuji'd

I really don't have anything interesting to say that can top that tortured headline other than let's file Sunday's sudden death playoff under "Stuff I Thought Only Happened To Me." Kenny Perry bails out way right on the first hole of sudden death in order to avoid the water, only to have the ball ricochet off a tree and back into the water anyway. They might want to station some extra security around that pine for the next couple days, especially after what happened out at Chambers Bay a few weeks back...


courtgolf said...

Ummmm - not likely on the Chambers Bay reference. Ryuji Imada is a part of the "Dawg Nation" (graduate of Univ of Georgia and part of a national championship squad). That tree is now heroic to some.

The tree is also past the top of the green by several yards (pretty much even with the top of the greenside bunker) and Perry's ball hit 15 or so feet up in the air - he REALLY airmailed the green. The last time I saw a shot hit that far past a green in the air was Tiger at Firestone a couple of years back when he flew the stands, hit the driveway, and bounced his ball across and over the roof of the clubhouse.

Maybe the headline should be "Kenny ScRyuji's Himself".

Bob Smiley said...

Thanks for the Sugarloaf insight. You're the second person who has said that tree is over the green, not to the right. If he had really airmailed the green, wouldn't he have been in the back bunker? I still don't get it.

courtgolf said...

I suppose technically you are correct - Perry missed the green right and flew the landing/chipping area that hooks into the green. The tree is not directly behind the green, but it is PAST the green.

If, for some reason, the tree was moved laterally left behind the green, which would still put it beyond the bunker, that shot would still have had the carry to hit the tree 15 feet up like it did to the right of the green.

(nice follow on the ticker tape parade - I didn't know it made the national media)