Sunday, May 11, 2008

THE PLAYERS: Final Round Thoughts...

I don't know how else to say it -- what a fun day of golf. A great setup plus brutal weather produced amazing shots, awful ones, choking, old-fashioned bad luck, and a playoff. Heck, Johnny Miller occasionally even stopped talking long enough so we could finally hear some of the caddie/player conversations the mics were picking up on #17 tee. When Woody Austin's shot splashed in fifteen yards short of the green thanks to a gust of wind, that meant his caddy's determination that it was "bulls***!" ripped through the air of Mother's Day brunches across America. Perhaps more interesting was hearing Goydos' caddy tell him on the first playoff hole that the wind had "abated" since their last time through to which Goydos replied, "Abated?" But in the end it hadn't abated to keep his shot dry and the playoff alive.

A few other thoughts as things played out:

--At one point it seemed there were as many guys in the hunt playing #12-#15 as there were playing holes #1-#5. But all those guys who got TV time as they attempted to post 1 or 2-under were promptly decimated.

A few that came. And went...
Ben Crane -- bogeys 15 and 18
Dean Wilson -- bogeys 17 and 18
J.B. Holmes -- bogeys 13, doubles 15
Tim Petrovic -- bogeys 16, 17 and 18
Jim Furyk -- triples 17, bogeys 18

--With all the shots that rolled through greens and ended up in or around those round green drain covers, expect Tim Finchem to sell some advertising space on them for next year's event.

--Is Sergio's putting really better?

Today -- absolutely. But heading into Sunday he was in last place in putting for all the players who made the cut. In the end he only finished T39th for the week. Sure, part of that can be attributed to the fact he hit more greens than anyone else, but how about we let the guy have a few more good tourneys before pronouncing him rehabilitated and ready to reenter society.

--Speaking of putting, how long is Bernhard Langer's putter anyway? I mean the thing barely fits under his neck at this point. Factor in the natural shrinking of old age, he may be resting that thing on his forehead before long.


Bobbio said...

Langer's putter is longer than 9th grade math.

Golden Balls said...

I know a guy that actually built his own putter that IS over his head. He stands behind it and makes one of the most awkward strokes I've seen to date.

Long putters should really be illegal.