Saturday, July 19, 2008

BRITISH OPEN: An Aussie Perspective...

When I was at the Masters in April, I met a nice bloke from Australia who shared with me the pain of living through Norman's many Major collapses. I emailed him after Round 3 and said I had to know what he (and Australia as a whole) was feeling heading into Sunday. His response is worthy of nothing less than a giant cut and paste. Enjoy...

"Dear bob,

I am sure I am asleep enjoying a wonderful and comforting dream of the norman golf legacy fulfilled.

This is the man who sparked an entire county's interest in golf. So many times he took us within a few feet of golf's greatest summits only to provide us with yet another lesson about life's fickleness. Sometimes it was his fault (like the 96 masters). Sometimes it was the fault of lesser mortals hell-bent on destroying golf's rightful destiny. (Oh how I hate larry mize and bob tway - even if they are nice guys. To support these two defines being unaustralian.)

we should be able to say norman is one of the two or three greatest players of all time. But alas we can't. Lost potential ... Yes. Unlucky ... Definitely. But when all is said and done two majors puts him in the all time top 50, but nothing more.

All the early mornings getting up to watch the golf, all those weekends filled with possibilities of major glory, have amounted to a legacy of heartbreak, pain and the ultimate story of what could have been.

So it is hardly surprising that from time to time I have this dream. On this paricular occasion I dream that norman, freshly married to a glamourous tennis star, has a two shot lead going into the final round of the british open aged 53.

Then I wake up and go to the tv where I find an empty coke bottle and some left over chips. I couldn't really have been watching the tv last night, for I was warm in bed having the best dream.

Then I turn the tv on and all the sunday morning sports shows are talking about the same dream. The former head of golf australia rings me. He had the dream too.

This is surreal. It is insane. This will be the biggest story in australia's sporting history.

But after all the disappointments am I strong enough to set my alarm and get up again in the middle of the night full of expectation just like I did ten, twenty years ago?

I have no choice.
Pray for us bob. Kind regards"

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courtgolf said...

That is GREAT !!! I wish Americans were allowed to be nationalistic that way without the rest of the world (and our own media) screaming that we are being a bully to the rest of the world.

There is nothing wrong with being proud of your country's stars (athletes or otherwise), waving the flag a little bit - and having some real pleasure in following your heros.

That man understands and enjoys the thrill - and potential heartbreak - of sports - and I wish that everybody could just enjoy sports that way - not like the radio talk show and ESPN people who think they have to slam everybody.