Thursday, July 17, 2008

BRITISH OPEN: Phil Reveals Surprise Approach

After playing with two drivers at the 2006 Masters and no driver at the 2008 U.S. Open, world number two Phil Mickelson played the first round of the British Open with nine 8-irons. "Dave Pelz and I spent a lot of time running the numbers over the past couple weeks and 8-iron was the club that I would likely hit more than any other at Birkdale, so we figured why not carry ONLY 8-irons?" Phil explained that the 9 different 8-irons are not identical. "They all have different flexed shafts to allow me to hit shots of various heights. They also have varying groove depths to impose different spin depending on the wind." He also pointed out their different grip materials, ranging from a slick "polyurethane blend" all the way to "light gauge sandpaper," which provide him with options based on how sweaty his hands are feeling. Phil said he was really happy with the strategy during Round 1. He shot 79.

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Golden Balls said...

Remind me, why is he ranked #2?