Thursday, August 14, 2008

Is Dave Pelz Really Emperor Pelz?

A recent piece by Golf World's John Hawkins (coupled with Phil Mickelson's performance in the 4 majors) has me wondering if it's time for the world #2 to cut ties with Dave Pelz before he loses complete control over his game. In Hawkins' words, Pelz "has some strange control over Mickelson's psyche, an ability to push his buttons without noticing the destructive consequences." How can Pelz not notice it?

Phil has always been a wonky guy when it comes to equipment, but with Pelz and his obsession with statistics, it seems Mickelson has only slipped further away from the feel player that made him so magical over his career. Among Phil's nutty moments in 2008: no driver at the U.S. Open... claiming the insert on his putter is too soft because he changed to a softer ball... even saying that he is an inch taller than he was two years ago.

Pelz must be stopped before Phil, like Vader, completely succumbs to mechanics.


Bobbio said...

I subscribe to Pelz' 4 wedge, 3 swing theory. If you read his book, "Short Game Bible", it's hard to disagree with having a reliable shot from 12 distances. Still, in keeping with what you said, Phil had arguably the best short game in the world before Pelz. It was rumored that he was taking full swing and course management advice from Dr. Pelz. He might as well been taking it from me. Feel player, technician Svengali. Go figure.

Phil's problem is an errant driver and the very idea that he'd need all this other advice. Smacks of no confidence. The game is 40% physical, 80% mental.

The Green Blazer said...

It's not Pelz ... Tom Kite is showing players the power of the dark side:

courtgolf said...

"Pelz is not the teacher you are looking for...move along." (the old jedi mind trick strikes again)

I sort of agree with bobbio - but Pelz isn't to blame. It seems like Mickelson has forgotten that he is a feel player and has tried to overanalyze everything in his game.

That or he just hasn't added enough wedges. (lol)

Bobbio said...

He should hit one of those wedges off the tee.