Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two Months Off...

The last time I played a round of golf was June 25th. I did go to a golf shop and hit three balls into a net last week, but my two-year-old son covered his ears and said, "Stop! It's too loud!" For people on the East Coast, going so long without playing is typical in the winter, but as a Californian, this is a first for me. How do you snow-dwellers deal with this?

With the 3rd draft of the book almost done, I will hopefully venture out late next week and see what happens. My hope is that my muscle memory has suffered amnesia and has reset my swing to 1994 when I was still good.

**A late congrats to Carl Pettttttttterssssson for the win in Greensboro last week. Anyone catch that bizarre accent of his? Carl was born in Sweden, but moved to South Carolina in high school. The result is best classified as Euro-Twang.

**On Geoff Shackelford's always busy site, he is running a caption contest from a few days back when Phil Mickelson rang the opening bell on Wall Street. My favorite entry so far is: "Of course there's a closing bell, Phil. But we, uh, we just assumed this one was, um, a better fit..."

**I feel some obligation to mention the FedEx Cup, but can't muster the interest. Maybe by Saturday.


courtgolf said...

NORTH Carolina. He moved to Greensboro for his last 2 years of high school, then went to NC State. (Honk if you love Carolina - Moo if ya'll fum State) :-)

Bob Smiley said...

Okay, so two months off may or may not be affecting my muscle memory, but my geography is shot.

Golden Balls said...


I hear ya. I have a 6 week old and an almost 4 year old. I am not sure I could even advance the ball these days. I wonder if baby jogger has a golf ball safe model suitable for the course?