Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Crazy Tiger Fact of the Day...

The U.S. Open ended a month and a half ago. There have been six Tour events since then. And Tiger is still first in FedEx Cup points. He achieved that by playing in only 6 Tour events total. In second place right now is Kenny Perry, who has played in 20.

Tiger Tricked by Adjustable Rate Mortgage

Chalk up another victim to the year's housing crisis. Tiger Woods reported yesterday that he was unaware the mortgage on his $38 million dollar Jupiter Island home was adjustable after three years. The golfer, recuperating from ACL surgery, was shocked when his monthly payment jumped from $125,000 to nearly $193,000. A representative for Countrywide says if Tiger defaults on the loan, they will be laying off an additional 4,000 employees.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

BRITISH OPEN: Nick Faldo Calls Off Marriage to Martina Navratilova

After proposing to 70's and 80's tennis legend Martina Navratilova on Friday, former world #1 Nick Faldo announced late Sunday that he and Martina have called off the engagement but remain "good friends."

Saturday, July 19, 2008

BRITISH OPEN: An Aussie Perspective...

When I was at the Masters in April, I met a nice bloke from Australia who shared with me the pain of living through Norman's many Major collapses. I emailed him after Round 3 and said I had to know what he (and Australia as a whole) was feeling heading into Sunday. His response is worthy of nothing less than a giant cut and paste. Enjoy...

"Dear bob,

I am sure I am asleep enjoying a wonderful and comforting dream of the norman golf legacy fulfilled.

This is the man who sparked an entire county's interest in golf. So many times he took us within a few feet of golf's greatest summits only to provide us with yet another lesson about life's fickleness. Sometimes it was his fault (like the 96 masters). Sometimes it was the fault of lesser mortals hell-bent on destroying golf's rightful destiny. (Oh how I hate larry mize and bob tway - even if they are nice guys. To support these two defines being unaustralian.)

we should be able to say norman is one of the two or three greatest players of all time. But alas we can't. Lost potential ... Yes. Unlucky ... Definitely. But when all is said and done two majors puts him in the all time top 50, but nothing more.

All the early mornings getting up to watch the golf, all those weekends filled with possibilities of major glory, have amounted to a legacy of heartbreak, pain and the ultimate story of what could have been.

So it is hardly surprising that from time to time I have this dream. On this paricular occasion I dream that norman, freshly married to a glamourous tennis star, has a two shot lead going into the final round of the british open aged 53.

Then I wake up and go to the tv where I find an empty coke bottle and some left over chips. I couldn't really have been watching the tv last night, for I was warm in bed having the best dream.

Then I turn the tv on and all the sunday morning sports shows are talking about the same dream. The former head of golf australia rings me. He had the dream too.

This is surreal. It is insane. This will be the biggest story in australia's sporting history.

But after all the disappointments am I strong enough to set my alarm and get up again in the middle of the night full of expectation just like I did ten, twenty years ago?

I have no choice.
Pray for us bob. Kind regards"

Friday, July 18, 2008

FORE RIGHT Photo Exclusive: Greg Norman's Courtesy Car

Greg Norman steps out of his courtesy car with new wife Chris Evert Saturday morning in Southport, England. Norman is supposedly 53 and trails leader K.J. Choi by one stroke.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

BRITISH OPEN: Phil Reveals Surprise Approach

After playing with two drivers at the 2006 Masters and no driver at the 2008 U.S. Open, world number two Phil Mickelson played the first round of the British Open with nine 8-irons. "Dave Pelz and I spent a lot of time running the numbers over the past couple weeks and 8-iron was the club that I would likely hit more than any other at Birkdale, so we figured why not carry ONLY 8-irons?" Phil explained that the 9 different 8-irons are not identical. "They all have different flexed shafts to allow me to hit shots of various heights. They also have varying groove depths to impose different spin depending on the wind." He also pointed out their different grip materials, ranging from a slick "polyurethane blend" all the way to "light gauge sandpaper," which provide him with options based on how sweaty his hands are feeling. Phil said he was really happy with the strategy during Round 1. He shot 79.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Norman Tries to Stick Ex-Wife With 1/2 Of All Major Defeats

A Florida judge ordered this past week that former world #1 Greg Norman pay his ex-wife over $103 million dollars in a settlement resulting from their 2007 divorce. Unfortunately The Shark's request to also give her 1/2 of all his final round collapses in major championships was summarily rejected by the court. Norman was hoping to finally get rid of his 1996 Masters where he squandered a 6-shot lead to Nick Faldo and ultimately lost by another five shots.

Norman, who wed former tennis star Chris Evert last month, reportedly has a prenuptial agreement in place where a divorce between them would leave Evert with Norman's 1986 PGA Championship loss to Bob Tway and his 1987 Masters loss to Larry Mize.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Golf Channel Almost Out of Tiger Woods News...

Nearly three weeks after Tiger Woods announced he would be out for the rest of the season, Golf Channel executives say they are almost out of Tiger-related material. "We're close," a spokesman for the network said in a statement released Saturday. "We were able to re-run Open highlights for a good two weeks, but at this point we're pretty much down to some backstage footage from Tiger Jam XI." As far as what what the network plans to show in place of Tiger, the network says they are considering having host Frank Nobilo have unneeded ACL surgery so they can use his recovery to chart Tiger's likely rehabilitation.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

FOLLOW THE ROAR, Coming November...

You've probably noticed that since the Open, I've dropped off the face of the earth. I've had a good reason. The delivery date for the book I've been writing about Tiger's 2008 has been pushed up to Aug. 8th in order to have it out in November for the holiday shopping season. So for 13, 14 hours a day I've been at the computer, looking up synonyms for "unbelievable" to describe the thing I was able to witness over the last six months. Here's the link to the book, now officially entitled FOLLOW THE ROAR. I'll obviously keep you posted as things progress and look for posting to pick back up again in another month....


Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DRUGS: Canseco Admits to Steroid Use During '93 Lake Tahoe Celebrity Classic

Former "Bash Brother" and six-time All Star Jose Canseco came forward during the first day of random drug testing on the PGA Tour to admit that he was on steroids during the 1993 Lake Tahoe Celebrity Classic. Before a sea of reporters, Canseco appeared with his lawyer on one side and girlfriend of three days on the other as he broke the news:

"On June 13th, 1993, I participated in the Lake Tahoe Celebrity Classic. I was paired with Vince Coleman. Vince shot a 94 and I... I shot an 89. But it was not a clean 89. At that point I had secretly been using various anabolic steroids for over seven years. (pausing to compose himself) Throughout the day, my superhuman power helped me play well above my actual abilities. On the 3rd hole I hit a drive over 200 yards. On the 14th hole I was able to get out of a greenside bunker in only two shots. I was sure someone would know I was cheating. No one ever did.

So today I am returning the 14th place trophy that I won as well as the $300 that was donated in my name to the Oakland Kids Club. Also, I should mention that the Oakland Kids Club doesn't exist and was actually just a sub-account of my regular checking account. Thank you."