Friday, April 24, 2009

And the Worst Title Defense Ever Goes to...

Andres Romero, who returned to the Zurich Classic to shoot 73-75, missed the cut and then signed for an incorrect scorecard to get himself DQ'd. Probably not the way he had drawn the week up in his head.

I've been out of town folks, but I'll be back in fine form this next week for the Wachovia Quail Hollow Championship, to which Tiger has officially committed.

For the tournament's sake, let's just hope quails don't follow Wachovia and become extinct between now and next week, otherwise the event will be down to just calling itself the "Hollow Championship," which is not the ideal name with which to woo prospective sponsors.


AppleDawg said...

I watched him during the first round and he seemed so....disinterested I think would be the right word

He hits shots with no real thought, seemed to laugh after miserable shots, and just played terribly

Maleko said...

An Argentinian player signs an incorrect scorecard and gets disqualified ... where have I heard that before? Kenny Perry must be wondering why this didn't happen two weeks earlier!