Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Augusta National Apologizes to Sergio Garcia

The Augusta National Golf Club released a statement today that marks the latest twist in their ongoing drama with Spain's Sergio Garcia. The statement in its entirety begins below:


April 15, 2009
Augusta National Golf Club

For Immediate Release:

On Sunday, Masters Invitee Sergio Garcia told the Golf Channel that, in his estimation, Augusta National was “not fair.” While Garcia has since withdrawn his statement and apologized, we wish that he hadn't. In fact, the club would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Sergio.

Sergio was right to accuse Augusta National of not being fair. It's a charge we can not in good conscience deny. Truth be told, the course was setup in a specific way that made it almost impossible for Sergio to win. You see, the course as dictated by this year's Tournament Committee demanded that the winning player must be someone who can putt.

We apologize to Sergio for the confusion and wish him luck in 2010.

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Alexander Field said...

Hey Bob, this is a great blog man - love your passion for golf. Just stopping by to say 'hi'...anyway I saw your note on facebook today. We'll have to talk again soon! : )