Thursday, April 30, 2009

Strong AND Explosive... Apparently

It's been a while. Really. Despite the 6 wins worldwide that Tiger Woods has added since the beginning of last year, today's 65 at the Quail Hollow Club in Charlotte marks the first time since January 31 of 2008 where Tiger finished the first round atop the leaderboard. He opened the 2008 Dubai Desert Classic with a bogey-free 65, a clubhouse lead which he would never have again until Sunday afternoon.

His post-round news conference included this needling at the expense of CBS Sports' golf writer Steve Elling:

Tiger Woods: ...As I said earlier this week, I'm starting to feel a little bit more explosive, a little more pop in the body in general. I had the strength, but I just didn't have the explosiveness in the body yet, and that's coming, which is very exciting, because I'm starting to feel how I used to feel when I play.

Elling: I can't quite make the distinction between those two...

Tiger: Because you don't play. (Laughter.)

Elling: Because I have no strength or explosiveness?

Tiger: There you go, perfect. (Tiger grinning.)

Elling: Could you separate those two?

Tiger: No, I'm not going to.

Man, nothing like going to work, asking a legit question and then being emasculated by the game's greatest player. Actually, that might be kinda cool.

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courtgolf said...

Can't agree on that being a legitimate question - and ESPECIALLY not a question that should have been asked three different times.

Anybody who has played any game even halfway seriously knows the difference in having a strong body and having all the parts firing the right way.

This is just laziness on Elling's part. Ben Hogan got ticked off at the media one time for asking ridiculous questions. He wondered what would happen to those guys if he didn't come in telling them what to write - they couldn't watch and see for themselves.