Friday, October 2, 2009

OLYMPICS: Rio Names Course for 2016 Games!

Less than 24 hours after learning it will be hosting the 2016 Olympic games, organizers in Brazil have announced golf's Olympic locale should it be added as a sport by the IOC.

The 18-hole course, El Corso Crappo, boasts 18 holes which can be stretched to nearly 300 feet. While relatively flat, E.C.C. boasts of many doglegs as well as hazards unique to Rio, including a bucking horse, a bear and a wishing well.

El Corso Crappo's course superintendant confesses that there will be some difficulty changing hole locations day to day, and that a re-routing may be necessary since the traditional 18th hole has players hitting up a ramp and into a black hole where their ball is forever lost.

"Open Doctor" Rees Jones is in negotiations to help with a remodel of the course, and said via a spokesman that he is "excited about the challenge of ruining a course that, on the surface, appears to already be ruined."


courtgolf said...

will this be the course for both men and women ? was anything mentioned about the usual green speed difference between men's and women's tournaments ?

Boston Golf Examiner said...

you're kidding, right? el corso CRAPpo? gimme a break

courtgolf said...

I heard today that Ryo Ishikawa has decided to take pity on Americans who can't pronounce the Japanese "Ry" sound. We can just call him Ree-oh from now on.

Which begs the question - did he change it to help get golf in the Rio Olympics ?

Gregory said...

Where are the Lit'l Indys and bumber boats?