Friday, October 30, 2009

Boo! I'm Back, Hope I Didn't Scare You

Here's the pumpkin I carved last year which I still find quite impressive.

I've undeniably embraced the off-season with a staggering drop off in posts. I've been working 6-7 days a week on a screenplay and hope to have some good news to report on that end before the new golf season begins.

Despite the workload, I was able to get out and play in a friend's charity golf tournament last Friday. We played a 3-man scramble (we were down a man) and started off birdie-birdie-eagle-birdie-par-birdie-eagle. 8-under throught the first 7 holes. For a moment we felt like Troy Matteson.

We finished with a 58, which was left us in a tie for 1st. But then the guys in the pro shop did the screwy golf tourney tie-breaker by giving 1st place to the team with the lower back-nine score, and so we lost. I've been on the winning and losing end of this and it always baffles me. It's such a completely random way to decide the winner and only exists because they already bought the trophies and only ordered one that said "1st place" on it.

Anyone know the real reason this is the tie-breaker method of choice? The argument might be that it shows which team finished their round stronger, but of course this assumes every team started on the 1st tee, which doesn't usually happen in these big charity tourneys. Since they can't send people back to the course, I'm lobbying for a putting contest between the two teams on the putting green. Three hole agregate team score, like the Open Championship.

Either that or a drinking contest.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Greg Norman Announces Engagement to Adam Scott

Just a week after making public his split with Chris Evert, wife of just 15 months, Greg Norman announced that he and fellow Aussie Adam Scott are engaged. While the announcement comes as a shock on many levels, it finally gives Norman a good reason for selecting Scott to the 2009 Presidents Cup team.

In his five matches, Scott was 1-4-0.

Friday, October 2, 2009

OLYMPICS: Rio Names Course for 2016 Games!

Less than 24 hours after learning it will be hosting the 2016 Olympic games, organizers in Brazil have announced golf's Olympic locale should it be added as a sport by the IOC.

The 18-hole course, El Corso Crappo, boasts 18 holes which can be stretched to nearly 300 feet. While relatively flat, E.C.C. boasts of many doglegs as well as hazards unique to Rio, including a bucking horse, a bear and a wishing well.

El Corso Crappo's course superintendant confesses that there will be some difficulty changing hole locations day to day, and that a re-routing may be necessary since the traditional 18th hole has players hitting up a ramp and into a black hole where their ball is forever lost.

"Open Doctor" Rees Jones is in negotiations to help with a remodel of the course, and said via a spokesman that he is "excited about the challenge of ruining a course that, on the surface, appears to already be ruined."