Monday, November 30, 2009

Thoughts on This Mess

Every A-list actor or top tier athlete has a love-hate relationship with celebrity. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, has always detested it. His hunger for privacy amidst fame is well documented, and amazingly, has been largely successful in his 13 year career.

The reason he has been able to do this where so many other celebs have failed is due to a few factors, the biggest being that he almost never makes news off the golf course. When I was at Bay Hill in 2008, I asked a number of local fans what Tiger was like around Orlando, and the consensus was you might run into Tiger at the grocery store or at a restaurant, but he was by and large a boring but friendly public figure. He saved his drama and excitement for the back nine on Sunday.

The other giant factor in Tiger's off-course anonymity was his ability to control the media like no one else could. I always enjoyed watching the way he maneuvered around questions, answering only what he wanted, how he wanted. As a husband and father myself, it is hard to fault a man for wanting to protect his wife and children.

On top of this, few writers were ever willing to really dig for dirt. After all, the arrival of Tiger Woods boosted the profile of the PGA Tour and every player, writer and sponsor associated with it. In a sense, we were all indebted to him for our well-being and long term security. If he were to fall, many others would too.

Then came last weekend. A bizarre late-night car accident whose cobbled together facts included a 12-hour media blackout, broken glass, a 911 call, Tiger unconscious and bleeding from the mouth, his own wife wielding a golf club, Tiger "embarrassed," and a refusal to talk to police.

And yet the upshot of it all is the same -- please respect Tiger's privacy.

I'm not sure this will fly. Tiger doesn't need to air all his dirty laundry. Nor should he. His marital issues, fact or fiction, are not our business. But he does owe us something. He needs to convince us that he is not evading justice here, that the truth of whatever happened is not being buried or twisted with the help of high-priced lawyers.

Right now it feels that way.

Ultimately, if Tiger walks away from this with a careless driving charge and a fine, his lawyer will consider it a victory. But if we never know for certain what happened that night, it will remain very much a net loss for both Tiger and his fans, who have been led to believe that he is the kind of man who embraces challenges rather than run away from them.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Calling John Paramor, Calling John Paramor!

Time to put Tiger on the clock.

According to the latest reports, the Florida Highway Patrol was told by Tiger's agent that Tiger and wife Elin were unavailable to be interviewed Saturday but to come back Sunday. This was after being told Friday that Tiger was sleeping and to come back today.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Well, This is All Quite Weird

So according to Team Tiger, he's fine. Put that through the same translating software that told us he was fine during the 2008 U.S. Open when he had a broken leg and a torn ACL, it's fair to say we're not getting the whole story.

All I can say right now is that this all remains quite weird. Who goes charging through their neighborhood on Thanksgiving at 2am and can't get 100 feet without wrecking their car, having their rear windshield smashed and being dragged out of it unconscious by your wife? At least that's the story put out by AP's "Luau Larry" Doug Ferguson. I've walked down the street where the accident occured. I've been around Tiger's cul-de-sac. It makes Mayberry look like Manhattan.

Is there a legit explanation for all this? Sure, but so far we're not getting it. My hope is it comes soon, because the longer we go with only having overly-scripted statements from hospital officials and publicists to go on, the weirder this all becomes.

Tiger Accident: Quick Rection

I think we've got to wait for more info at this point. It's almost impossible to believe TW is seriously injured considering the accident took place 100 feet from his front front door. We know he struggles with his driving on the course, but this? I just don't buy it. We'll hear something soon I bet...

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Wie's Parents Keep Paws off Trophy for Exactly Five Seconds

A picture begging for a good caption... I'll start:

B.J. Wie: "I did it!"
Bo Wie: "I did it!"
Michelle Wie: "I did it!"

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

FORE RIGHT Exclusive: JBWere Masters Appearance Fees Revealed

Much has been made of Tiger Woods' $3 million appearance fee in the run-up to this week's JBWere Masters in Australia. Thanks to a source inside the event, Fore Right has obtained the complete list of who's receiving what to fly to Melbourne for the week.

Tiger Woods -- $3,000,000
Geoff Ogilvy -- $30,000
Adam Scott -- $3,000
Alex Cejka -- $300
Stuart Appleby --$50 pro shop credit
Jason Dufner -- On-site parking
Rod Pampling -- Will only be referred to as "The Great Rod Pampling" in all press materials
Sam Saunders -- Will not be referred to as Arnold Palmer's grandson
Manny Villegas -- Will not be referred to as Camilo Villegas' younger brother
Craig Parry -- Unlimited seafood buffet