Saturday, August 7, 2010

Hard to Watch...

I'll admit, Tiger Woods was a backup starter on my fantasy team this week, because up until this week I'd believed that his game had to snap back at some point and why not at Firestone, a course he destroys.

But it's sad to watch.  Am I the only one who heard his post-round press conference on Thursday and swore he choked up briefly when asked about his round?

He's embarrassing himself, both by his play and the fact that he's so clearly just going through the motions.  That I think is the greater tragedy, the lack of his focus.  That was always the factor that separated him from his peers more than anything else.  It was what made him so admirable.  He always cared. And right now he doesn't.

I don't know if he will find his game, to be honest.  My guess is he'll work like mad between now and next April to return to form in 2011 and show the world he has plenty of great golf in him.  But if he works that hard and continues to struggle, then who knows?  I don't think his disappearance from the sport altogether is completely out of the question.  It would be the final chapter in a tragic story of a broken man.